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Automotive Parts

Plastic Bumper Covers

Bumper covers play two important roles on your car. A plastic bumper cover increases the shock absorption and overall safety of your car. It also contributes to the look and style of the exterior of your vehicle. FitParts offers top quality, brand name bumper covers at great prices. We offer a wide variety of plastic bumper covers for a number of different makes and models. Some bumpers include additional styling and safety features. A new bumper cover is one of the easiest and fastest ways to tailor your vehicle’s appearance. Get a new plastic bumper cover from FitParts and update the look and safety of your vehicle.

Front Bumper Bull Bar Car

Metal Bumpers/Face Bars/Step Bumper

FitParts also carries replacement metal bumpers, face bars, and step bumpers for your vehicle. Whether your car or truck requires a new metal bumper, step bumper, or face bar, we have a wide variety of styles in shape that fit a number of different vehicles. A face bar absorbs the impact of a collision. A metal bumper is typically found on vintage vehicles. A step bumper is a hitch that makes it easier to load things into your truck. We can help you with all of your bumper and face bar replacement needs. Choose the right bumper or face bar for your vehicle from the wide selection available for all different vehicle makes and models at FitParts.

Air Deflector/Valance

On some vehicles, there is a plastic strip called an air deflector (or air valance, as it’s sometimes called) at the bottom of the bumper of the car or truck. However, these air valances are extremely susceptible to damage, as plastic breaks very easily. If the air valance on your vehicle breaks, your bumper will be exposed and damage is more likely to happen. However, if you shop at FitParts, it is simple to find and replace the air deflector or valance on your vehicle. We offer a variety of air deflector and valance options for various vehicles. Find a compatible new air deflector for your vehicle at FitParts today.

Side Mirrors

Your vehicle’s side mirrors play a large role in your ability to drive safely. Don’t drive your vehicle another day with a missing side mirror! FitParts stocks the best side mirror replacement option for cars and trucks. We have side mirrors for all different makes and models of vehicles on the road today. Staying safe is easy with replacement side mirrors from FitParts. Whether your side mirrors are damaged and need a replacement, or you simply would like to improve your car’s appearance, your ability to see, (or both) we have the best selection of replacement side mirrors available online at FitParts.

Front Bumper


The grille of your vehicle is its face, and just like your own face, it’s very distinct and recognizable. Customize your car or truck grill with a new grill from FitParts. We know how important grills are, which is why we have a huge selection of styles available for you to choose from. Replacing your vehicle’s grill is an instant way to give it an affordable upgrade or new look. Pick the best grill for your ride at FitParts. FitParts has the best options for a wide variety of makes and models. Replace your existing grill with a classic grill or a more exciting grill: the choice is yours.

Fender Liners

A fender liner is the plastic barrier between the fender of your vehicle and the engine. However, it’s not uncommon for fender liners to get loose, damaged, or come off completely, especially in the wintertime. In which case, you can come to FitParts for a replacement fender liner. Fender liners are especially important if you live in a place where it snows. The fender liner helps block dirt, mud, water, slush, snow, and environmental toxins from seeping into your engine bay and causing severe damage to your vehicle. It is much simpler to replace a fender liner than an engine, so peruse our selection of fender liners today!